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Welcome to the Health Insurance Information Page

What is Health Insurance?
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Health Insurance is a contract between you and the Insurance Carrier you choose.  You would have a monthly premium.  This coverage could be an individual Medical Plan or through your Employer.    It is simply a plan that covers medical expenses for illnesses and injuries for doctors, surgeries, and  hospitalizations.

How Does Health Insurance Work?

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You now have your policy.  You have a network of doctors and hospitals and you should stay in network.  These are negotiated prices.  This will help to keep your healthcare costs down.   Now you have the following:

Deductible which is a set amount you have to pay toward your medical bills before the insurance starts paying.  The amount of the deductible varies by plan.

After you have met your deductible then you will have Coinsurance unless you have 100% coverage which is usually not the case.  Most plans are 20% until you reach the maximum out of pocket for the year.  If this happens, you are covered 100%.

When you go to a doctor or get prescriptions filled, you will have a copayment.  These are usually small copays that are fixed amounts.  Copays do not count toward your deductible.

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